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The team that started it all

  • Nick Wargo

  • Curtis Cofojohn

  • Subi Telet

Our Story

The story of Buy360Tours begins on March 6th, 2019, where Nick, Curtis and Subi met up to begin the journey of what would become something none of them could have ever imagined. What started out as a simple idea to bring an emerging technology to the Northeast Ohio region for real estate, soon ended up growing into a virtual marketing company for more than 30 industries in multiple states within the U.S. The daily challenges they faced as a 3 person company with no official website, office space or experience in the industry would all soon be a distant memory as the initial launch of the company right before the Covid-19 pandemic propelled them and their company further and faster then they could've ever hoped for.

What We Offer

As a company, Buy360Tour utilizes state of the art technology to turn spaces into stunning 3D models allowing users to engage and explore the location as if they were actually there in person. However, it doesn't stop there.. Along with creating the 3D model, we give our customers full editing access to their tour which enables them to do a number of things such as exchanging content, hosting face to face video tours with users, collecting contact info through our lead generation forms, checking their statistics and much more!

How it works ?

Our process is very quick and simple. We work directly with our customers so they know what to expect from us as well as how to use their 3D Virtual Tours to help promote their locations. We offer free demonstrations to any potential customer that would like to learn more about how our product works in depth. Once a customer is ready, we will take their order and schedule an official date to come scan the location and create the 3D Model. The scanning process is fairly simple and does not take long. Smaller locations may take 1-2 hours while larger locations could take 1 business day. After the scan, we take the data back to the office and get to work on creating the final product. Depending on the industry you can receive your virtual tour back within 1-7 days. After you receive the final product we will offer a virtual walk through to introduce you to your new marketing tool!

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